About Our Lake Leelanau, MI Boutique Vineyard

We Are Committed to The Best Tasting Wines

Aurora Cellars is owned by Sam and Taylor Simpson, two siblings who have a deep appreciation of winemaking and a thorough knowledge of farming. Our boutique winery produces less than 10,000 cases a year, ensuring we carefully inspect the quality of each batch. The Leelanau Peninsula is a fertile ground for winemaking, filled with hard-compact clay soil and gorgeous vistas of rolling hills. These two qualities make our wine unique, and our wine tasting tours a pleasurable experience. Our Lake Leelanau, MI boutique vineyard specializes in Blaufränkisch, Cabernet Franc, and Merlot wines, all of which are hand tended and harvested before being aged and crafted in 100 percent French oak. We also have a collection of delicious Chardonnay wines. Our mission to create world-class wines continues to this day.

The Wine Tasting Steps We Utilize

We use the naturally sustaining environment of the Leelanau Peninsula to create our wines. The terroir, or all-natural environment in which we craft our wines, makes us unique in the boutique winery industry. We spare no expense in our winemaking process by:

  • Tending To A Small But Fertile Vineyard: Larger wineries have expansive grounds but less quality control. On the other hand, ours are smaller, enabling us to manage the soil and every other aspect of the wines. We commit ourselves to sustainable practices, guaranteeing the first step of the process starts things off on the right foot.
  • Performing Quality Harvesting Processes: Harvesting is a crucial process. If we harvest a grapevine too soon, it will negatively impact the quality of the batch. So we carefully monitor the plant’s soil structure, its acid and sugar levels, and much more to ensure the grapes have reached peak ripeness before picking them and moving to the next step.
  • Handling and Fermenting Gently: We want to avoid extreme ripeness, too much fermentation, and over-extraction. Doing so leads to higher alcohol and the extraction of undesired taste profiles and flavors. Our boutique wines are then aged to perfection before they are ready to be bottled.
Wine Tasting

The Benefits of Choosing A Boutique Wine

Whether you are planning a wedding or a wine tasting outing, there are a wide array of reasons to choose Aurora Cellars. As a boutique winery, we emphasize each element of our wines’ quality, something some larger wineries cannot do. Before you choose a big winery for your event, consider the benefits of boutique wines:

  • Location, Location, Location: Every winemaker knows the importance of location in the production of wines. Boutique wineries are in the best position to capitalize because they can plant their grapes in small patches of rich soil for a consistent and notable outcome.
  • Premium Farming Techniques: The Simpsons come from a family with a rich history in farming. Their knowledge means they understand the finer points of planting and cultivating the grapes that make their wines so delicious.
  • The Best Aging Barrels: We use French oak barrels at our winery. We do not merely select any barrel from our suppliers. Instead, we can carefully consider every detail of the barrels we use as a boutique winery before putting our wines into them. We also understand the best amount of time to age our wines.
  • Carefully Considered Blending Techniques: Winemaking is a complicated and nuanced process. At larger wineries, winemakers can ignore some of these nuances. We do not. Our boutique winery understands the importance of considering every element of the process, from the percentages, how yearly changes impact the batch, and varietal considerations.

Join Our Boutique Winery’s Wine Club

At Aurora Cellars, we aim to create a fun-filled and educational experience for our customers. Our goal is to instill in them a love and appreciation for the finer points of winemaking and drinking. To that end, we established our Wine Clubs, which gives members access to a bevy of special features, including our select and boutique wines. Some of the benefits include six or twelve bottles, depending on your level of membership, free wine tastings, deals on wines, and discounts on glass pours!

Contact Us Today To Order Our Boutique Wines

We are confident that you will find a great wine to pair with dinner or enjoy as an evening nightcap. Our winery is committed to transferring our love of wine to our customers through our exacting and nuanced approach. We offer wine tasting tours, and we are extremely accommodating to wedding planners. Contact us today to buy a bottle or case of our wines.

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