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The Vineyard at Aurora Cellars in Lake Leelanau, MI

Take a Scenic Tour of Our Vineyard in Michigan

Aurora Cellars takes pride in our selection of wines for adults to taste and enjoy in a relaxing tasting room, but our location has more to offer than a place to sit and imbibe. You can explore the vines and grapes at Aurora Cellars in Lake Leelanau, MI. We want our visitors to see how scenic and peaceful a walk through nature can be while traversing city vineyards like ours. At Aurora Cellars’ winery and vineyards, you get to take in every winemaking step, starting with grapes growing on a vine and absorbing the sun, rain, and surrounding environment. The soil, plant life, air, and moisture influence how a wine will turn out from these grapes, and touring our vineyard is a perfect way to get in touch with the process of taking fruit and turning it into flavorful aromatic alcoholic beverages. After walking around our rows of vines, you can take advantage of the fruits of our labor with a glass of carefully crafted and perfectly aged red, white, or sparkling wine.

About Aurora Cellars in Lake Leelanau, MI

If you’re looking for a beautiful destination for your weekend date, wedding, or another occasion, Aurora Cellars is an ideal place to spend your time. Our location is one of the best options for vineyard wedding venues in Michigan because of its attractive grounds and romantic atmosphere. We’re located in Lake Leelanau, Michigan on East Horn Road, and you can make a reservation anytime to hold a date and time for any event. Having our vineyard on Leelanau Peninsula gives us access to some of the state’s most alluring surrounding landscapes. This environment makes our location a perfect backdrop for special days and evenings with friends, family, and colleagues. Since you’ll already be at a winery, you and your guests can sip on tasteful, award-winning wines from our collection. Our wines suit a wide array of palates with cool-climate reds, fruity whites, and our vineyard surrounds you with colorful grapevines with a spectacular weeping willow tree.

Benefits of Having a Vineyard by Our Wine Tasting Room

Aurora Cellars produces a wide variety of wines for visitors to enjoy, including dry red Cabernets and fruity whites. We have a wide array of sparkling wines to celebrate any occasion. Having a vineyard by our tasting room offers many benefits to our visitors taking advantage of our grounds and vintages. Some of these benefits include the following:

  • Grapes Ready to Press – Guests can enjoy their time in our vineyard by watching our grapes grow while we tend to them. You can also witness the harvest as we thoughtfully select and collect mature grapes to produce into outstanding wine.
  • Wine Available for Events – We can deliver wine anywhere our customers need it while they take in the sights at our vineyard during special occasions. Guests are impressed as we serve wine from the vineyard, where they spend time for a wedding, reception, party, or another event.
  • All You Need in One Place – If you schedule an event at our vineyard, we have all you need in one location to enjoy your time, including an indoor refuge during sudden rainstorms. You can also pick out various wines to go with your festivities.

The Difference Between a Vineyard & a Winery

There are many differences between a vineyard and a winery. The biggest difference is a winery is where vintners produce wine, while a vineyard is where they grow their grapes. Our vineyard grows a broad range of grapes to suit a wide selection of wines, including soft reds and full-bodied, crisp whites. A winery may turn to an outside vineyard to purchase their grapes for their wine production, and vineyards don’t always have a winery associated with it. Vineyards take care of growing fruit and provide an abundant harvest. At a winery, vintners carefully craft and age delicious vintages, ensuring they ferment properly and reach their best taste, bouquet, color, and viscosity. Vineyards and wineries work together to provide wine drinkers with flavorful adult beverages. At Aurora Cellars, we grow, produce, bottle, and sell our own wine.

What’s It Like Working in a Vineyard

Working in a vineyard involves a lengthy process every season. Responsibilities include cultivating an ideal growing environment for the vines, ensuring the plants have enough water, trimming and tending to their foliage and fruits, and harvesting grapes once they reach maturity. At Aurora Cellars, we work in all types of weather throughout the year. Each season requires different tasks to keep vines healthy and thriving in Michigan’s weather. We must prepare the soil, put up trellis and irrigation equipment, prune and train vines. The result of our hard work is a crop of healthy grapes ready to turn into wine.

Reasons to Visit Our Vineyard

At Aurora Cellars, we welcome you to visit our grounds for wine tasting or host your next even there. We can pair our beautiful vines and well-cared-for grounds with bright, crisp whites, deep reds, and bubbly sparkling wines to celebrate any occasion. Contact us today to learn more about our vineyard and how we can help you enjoy our scenic Michigan location.