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Unique Features/Benefits of a Vineyard Wedding


Unique Features and Benefits of a Vineyard Wedding

Once you’ve said, “Yes!”, there are about a million decisions to make before you say, “I do!” Not least among those is the choice of venue, and there are so many from which to choose, it can seem overwhelming. From churches to barns to train stations to libraries, there’s a near endless variety of wedding venues, each with its own appeal. If you haven’t yet considered getting married in a vineyard, though, it’s time to start thinking about all the benefits of this very special type of venue. Here, we discuss why a vineyard wedding should top your list.

Reasons Why People Adore Vineyard Wedding Venues

The popularity of vineyard weddings is undeniable, and with good reason. Vineyard wedding venues are versatile, and feature plenty of space and tons of amenities. Beyond that, they’re simply dreamy, offering a romantic vibe few other venues can surpass. Here are just a few of the reasons why people absolutely adore vineyard wedding venues:

  • A single venue can host both the ceremony and the reception. Wedding planning can be stressful, because it involves coordinating so many elements. This is where a vineyard wedding venue really shines! Your theme is built in, and your ceremony and reception can happen at the same place, while occupying two unique spaces. Your guests won’t need to find a second location after the ceremony, and some vineyards even offer accommodations, making it easy to prepare for your special day.

  • You can choose to get married outside or indoors- or both! The idea of getting married outside, in a vineyard, with vineyard vines providing a romantic backdrop, is very appealing. However, vineyards also have heated tentsspaces, perfect in the event of rain or cold weather. You can also enjoy vineyard elements like the tasting room, for planning fun events surrounding the ceremony.
  • The bar will be outstanding. Where else would you have access to such an extensive wine selection? Not only will there be plenty of options for your guests to choose, but the wines will be high-quality and lovingly produced on-site. And where can you get better wine recommendations than at the source? A vineyard wedding affords you and your guests the opportunity to experience delicious wines that may be new to them, perhaps finding a new favorite. For those guests who don’t prefer wine, you can provide the option of a full bar.
  • The food can be perfectly paired with the wine. Who knows more about what food will taste great with which wine than the people working at the winery! Leverage the knowledge and experience of the highly skilled winery staff to suggest outstanding caterers in the area, and for food pairing recommendations, making your wedding the best day you’ve ever experienced.
  • The wedding photos will be incomparable. There is no need to search for photo ops when you have your wedding at a vineyard venue, surrounded by bountiful natural beauty. A vineyard is a naturally elegant location, and between the gorgeous unique spaces of a venue, you can get some amazing photos that make the most of the vineyard aesthetic and provide tangible representation of the wonderful memories of your wedding day.

Guest Experiences in Wedding Vineyards

You want your wedding to be unique and beautiful, and you also want it to be an experience your guests will never forget. This is where a vineyard wedding really shines. Immersed in elegance, your guests will enjoy the beauty and sophistication of your vineyard wedding while feeling relaxed and happy enough to have a great time at your party. After all, what is a wedding but a party celebrating your love amidst people you cherish? Make your guests feel appreciated and loved with special touches like a glass of sparkling wine to welcome them when they arrive, an intimate evening by the firepit, and discounts on wine to take home and enjoy later, as a memento of your gorgeous vineyard wedding.

Plan Your Dream Vineyard Wedding with Aurora Cellars

When you are planning a vineyard wedding, there are plenty of vineyard wedding venues to consider. If you want the wedding of your dreams, amidst the vineyard vines of a family-owned, boutique winery, we strongly recommend visiting  . Aurora Cellars is on a unique and exciting sibling-owned-and-operated property in the heart of the Leelanau peninsula, in a spectacular setting where compact clay soil and rolling hills provide the perfect place to grow and produce world-class wines. This breathtakingly beautiful venue even features a beautiful Victorian Farmhouse, available for lodging and bridal party preparations. Whether you’d like to have an intimate gathering in our Terrace Garden or a larger, more elaborate event at our Estate venue, we can help you plan the wedding of your dreams, on our gorgeous, romantic property. Contact us through our website for general information or reach out for availability and pricing.