Become A Wine Tasting Expert in Lake Leelanau, MI

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Aurora Cellars’ Guide To Wine Tasting

Wine tasting is an exciting adventure to do solo or with a group of friends. Located in Lake Leelanau, MI, Aurora Cellars has the perfect setting for wine tasting. No matter if you love wines by the flight or by the glass, we’ll guide you through a fantastic wine tasting experience. The first thing to know is how to truly taste the flavors of wine. You’ll learn how to identify key characteristics and specific tastes. A wine tasting connoisseur understands the “the five S’s” of tasting wine, including see, swirl, sniff, sip, and savor. Aurora Cellar’s guide to wine tasting will help you become a wine expert.


Seeing your wine goes much deeper than just taking a glance at the glass. Seeing is about observing the colors and intensity of the wine. Wine can be pale or deep colors. Seeing the wine is the first step in identifying its characteristics. The opacity of the wine is important to determine the age and grape variety of the wine.


Taking a swirl with your wine is essential to finding the weight of it. It’s important to know if your wine is heavy or light for its taste. Exposing the wine to oxygen helps it open and express its full flavor. Heavy wines will become intense on the nose of the glass, while sweeter wines will leave thick streaks along the glass.


There is no wrong way to sniff a wine. The smell of a wine should complement the flavor. You might smell fresh fruits, bitter lemon rinds, or spicy herbs. Sniffing wine opens doors to knowing its cork taint, wild yeast contamination or overexposure to oxygen. It’s important to know the great aromas of wine and the ones that make you steer clear of the glass.


Taking the first sip of wine is one of the best experiences of your mouth’s life. Let it sit in your mouth for a few seconds as you fully taste every part of it. You’ll be able to identify all sorts of flavors, the amount of tannins, and the amount of acidity.


Savoring your glass of wine involves letting the flavors continue to develop in your mouth. You’ll notice the balance of the wine. Most importantly, you can now decide if you love it or not. A wine’s finish should stay with you on your palate for a few minutes.

Improving Your Wine Tasting Skills

Wine tasting is an art that gets better each time you sip and savor a glass of wine. You can practice isolating flavors and identifying the personality of each type of wine. Each time you visit a restaurant and order a glass of wine off the vast menu, you’ll be able to identify better what you love about different types of wine. The process of tasting wine is the best part. Remember to enjoy every detail and find tastes that excite you. The most important part of wine tasting is to relax and enjoy yourself.

Visit Aurora Cellars For Wine Tasting

Aurora Cellars offers wine tasting at our award-winning vineyard. Try out all kinds of different wines and pair them with the perfect food for optimal taste. Join our Wine Club for exclusive discounts and complimentary wine tastings to build your wine tasting skills. Book now to schedule a wine tasting tour.

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