Calculating Your Wedding Bar

Unsure how to budget and plan the bar for your wedding? We’ve got you covered. Check out our tips below:

One of the many wonderful things about getting married at Aurora Cellars is enjoying our wine throughout your special day. But how much wine will you need? When do you serve alcohol throughout the day and what kind? How much will your guests drink?

Various factors go into choosing the perfect amount of vino, beer, and liquor for you and your guests — including the menu, how many people are attending, your budget, and more.

100 Person Wedding Example

A typical pour is 5 oz., with 5 glasses per bottle. Assume guests will average 3 glasses more or less.

  1. 100 people x 3 glasses per person = 300
  2. Divide 300 by 60 (the amount of pours per case or 12 bottles)
  3. This equals 5 cases or 60 bottles

Sip ‘n Sit

Sip 'n Sit

Many couples are now providing guests with drinks immediately upon arrival to the ceremony calling it a, “Sip ‘n Sit” or “Sip & Be Seated.” And for good reason, too. Serving beverages before the ceremony helps avoid the mad rush to the bar and long lines at the beginning of the reception. Plus, it helps cool folks down on a hot day.

We recommend serving a sweet white wine like our Medium Sweet Riesling or creating a refreshing mixed drink like Luminous + lemonade, and a non-alcoholic beverage such as water infused with cucumbers or local berries. Plan on one drink per person.

Cocktail Hour & Dinner

Cocktail Hour

While you two are getting gorgeous photos taken on our vineyard, guests will be mingling around the bar before sitting for dinner. We recommend at least two types of wine including a white and a red. Rosé is a nice touch and complements most appetizers well. A red and white option should be passed during dinner. We also provide hard cider for beer drinkers. If including a full bar stocked with “well liquor,” consider offering 1 or 2 top shelf options instead.

Pro tip: Keep it classy and skip the Fireball!


Food Pairing

Wedding Food

While Aurora Cellars wine tastes delicious on its own, nothing beats a professionally paired food and wine experience. Let us know what you plan on serving throughout the day for appetizers, dinner and dessert, and we’ll perfectly pair our wine to your food. Yum!

Sparkling Toast & Brunch

Sparkling Toast

Don’t forget the toast! Hopefully they won’t be too long, but it’s best to plan ahead. Ensure your guests have their flutes filled with Aurora Cellars sparkling wine before the speeches begin. Each pour is typically 3oz, and spillage needs to be accounted for. Therefore, we calculate about 7 toasts per bottle.

Pro tip: order extra sparkling wine to use for next-day brunch mimosas.


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