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Premier California Wine Academy Highlights Austrian Varieties Grown on Leelanau Peninsula


One of Aurora Cellars’ staple red wines is our delicious, multi-award winning Blaufränkisch. But, did you know that Blaufränkisch is native to the Austrian wine region – mainly Burgenland – and is the second most popular red variety behind Zweigelt. 

Like Austria, Michigan is a cool climate wine growing region. While most of the world’s plantings of Blaufränkisch can be found in Austria and Hungary, some can be found in Germany, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, and Croatia. Smaller quantities can be found throughout the United States including New York’s Finger Lakes, Washington, California, Michigan, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Colorado.

As Drew Perry, the Head Winemaker for Aurora Cellars, explains in Austrian Varietals find a home in Northern Michigan’s Leelanau Peninsula by Bill Newman with the Napa Valley Wine Academy, consumer value has also played a big part in the success of Austrian varietals in this region.