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Reasons Why You Should Join a Wine Club


Join a Wine Club in Lake Leelanau, MI

Discover the Benefits of Joining a Wine Club

It seems like there’s a club for everything—sports, performing arts, and even board games. Wine clubs have become increasingly popular over the years and are the perfect way to try that brand you’ve always had your eye on. At Aurora Cellars, we’re proud to offer membership to our exclusive wine club. These clubs are dedicated to advancing Lake Leelanau’s cool climate wine movement and bringing members the gold standard in wine. Discover the benefits of being part of a distinguished wine club.

What Is a Wine Club?

A wine club is essentially a subscription to wine. Over the course of the year, members receive several bottles of wine sent straight to their door. These might be brand-new labels, or they might be old favorites ready to be rediscovered. In any case, joining a wine club is a great way to invest in your passion for these delectable beverages.

Our Top Reasons to Become Part of a Wine Club

There are lots of reasons to become part of a local wine club. Not only do members enjoy regular cost savings, but they also have the chance to reinvigorate their interest in fine wines. Take a look at some of our top reasons to join a wine club today:

Try New Releases Right Away
Do you have your eye on a new wine that just released in the last few months? Joining a wine club gives you quick access to some of the most sought-after new releases. You won’t need to wonder what that new Pinot tastes like or imagine the decadence of the upcoming Merlot!

Enjoy Discounts and Free Tastings
Wine clubs are an excellent investment if you already spend money on wine. Membership often comes with a slew of discounts and allows you to get your hands on top-quality wines without a premium price. Many clubs also offer free tastings as a way to both try before you buy and enjoy a day out.

Find New Favorites
It’s easy to get into a wine slump. You find a bottle you like and repurchase that one without ever expanding your horizons. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with brand loyalty, it’s only natural to want to branch out once in a while. A wine club gives you easy access to new favorites on the market. Through your membership, you’ll find yourself trying wines you wouldn’t on your own.

Personalized Picks Just for You
Searching for wine recommendations online only takes a few seconds, but you won’t find suggestions with your specific tastes in mind. Many wine clubs have experts on hand at the winery to get recommendations based on what you already know you like. This personalization means you’ll constantly be finding new wines to love.

Attend Members-Only Events
Wine club members enjoy exclusive access to members-only events. These might include wine tastings, vineyard tours, vintner dinners, and a whole host of other activities where you can meet like-minded wine connoisseurs. Loving wine doesn’t have to be a solo task!

What the Aurora Cellars Wine Club Has to Offer

At Aurora Cellars, we offer two membership tiers, each with its own distinct benefits and options. Here’s what you can expect when you opt to join the club:

The Somm Tier
Members who choose the Somm tier receive six bottles in two shipments (April and September). In addition to these wines, you’ll also enjoy these benefits:

  • 15% off wines purchased at Aurora Cellars
  • A free wine tasting for the member and a guest
  • Exclusive invites to member events
  • Reduced pricing on general tasting room events
  • Member-only pick-up parties
  • Access to pre-release wines

The Proprietor Tier
For those who want to make the most of their wine club membership, we have the Proprietor tier. Members of this tier receive twelve bottles plus a range of other benefits, including the following:

  • 25% off wines purchased at Aurora Cellars
  • A complimentary wine tasting for the member and three guests
  • 25% off class pours
  • Member-only pick-up parties
  • Access to pre-release wines

Get in Touch With Us Today

With so many benefits to enjoy, it only makes sense to become a part of your local wine club. Wine connoisseurs from across Michigan and beyond visit Aurora Cellars to taste new wines and become a member of our exclusive club. Contact us for more details about joining our group of wine lovers.