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Spring 2023 Winemaker’s Selections



Spring is here and that means it is time for the members of our Proprietor and Somm Wine Clubs to customize the Spring 2023 Wine Club shipment. To help make selections easier, Head Winemaker Drew Perry has preselected a collection, which includes two multi-award winning whites and a magnificent red blend.

Aurora Cellars Spring 2023 Winemaker’s Selections

2022 Sauvignon Blanc

This crisp white wine received a silver medal during the 2022 Jefferson Cup Invitational Wine Competition and most recently, a Double Gold during the 2023 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition.

Fruit used to produce this wine comes from a vineyard that is filled with several different varieties of grapes. It sits high up on a plateau overlooking the Manitou Islands which allows even the most difficult varieties to fully develop regardless of the vintage’s challenges. When it came time to harvest this wine and get it ready for the bottle, our cellar crew decided to crush the fruit and let the juice soak in the skins for an extended period of time.

The bright, citrus notes in this wine make it the perfect companion for herb-driven sauces over chicken, tofu, or fish. You can’t go wrong with herb-driven Asian flavors like Thai or Vietnamese either.


A staple in the Aurora Cellars tasting room, Luminous is sure to satisfy your taste buds. Your nose will explode with aromas of bright orange and apricot while your palate will enjoy a lush and bright finish.

This wine is the perfect blend of 30% Seyval Blanc, 35% Bianca, and 35% Riesling. When producing this beautiful white wine, our winemaking team blended the juices before or during the fermentation process to allow for more aromatic complexity. The blending is always done at the beginning of the process.

When pairing this wine with a dish, we recommend serving it with salads, various types of pâté, or a slightly spicy seafood dish.

This wine has received a gold medal during the 2019 Michigan Wine Competition and a silver medal during the 2022 Jefferson Cup Invitational Wine Competition.


Rosso has been a core member of our series of rich and elegant reds. It was originally created to be a more robust red option for our wedding couples. Popularity of this beautiful red has grown as a direct result of its taste profile and smooth finish.

The current blend of this beautiful red consists of 60% Cabernet Sauvignon, 30% Merlot, and 10% Syrah. Your nose will experience ripe red fruit notes while your palate will enjoy a long finish with silky smooth tannins.

We recommend pairing a glass of this wine with grilled red meat and game.



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