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To Decant or Not To Decant

Decanting wine is an age-old tradition that continues to captivate wine enthusiasts and novices alike. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, decanting serves a crucial purpose in unlocking the full potential of […]

Popular Summer Event Returns to Aurora Cellars

Experience the beauty of Northern Michigan’s Wine Country with Aurora Cellars’ much-anticipated Cellar Sundays, returning this summer with a fun event each week. From May 26th until September 15th, mark […]

Unveiling the Art of Wine: A Tannin Tale

As we continue to learn more about the different components of wine, there is one important aspect we can’t ignore: the captivating presence of tannins. These compounds, nestled within the […]

2023 Harvest Report

The 2023 Harvest season for Aurora Cellars has officially come to an end. We pressed a lot of fruit this vintage and wanted to share the vintage report.  We caught […]