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Wine Tasting Frequently Asked Questions

Are you looking for a relaxing and educational night out? Come to Aurora Cellars for a wine tasting tour. Our Lake Leelanau, MI winery is set against a backdrop of lush, green rolling hills and a gorgeous landscape that induces calm and a sense of wonder. Our winery is renowned for its commitment to great-tasting wines and deep knowledge about the winemaking process. Our mission is to craft world-class wines and create fun-filled and educational experiences for our guests. Learn more about winetasting today.

What Is A Boutique Winery?

Boutique wineries produce less than 10,000 cases of their wines annually. They are usually hand-crafted and artisanal. Aurora Cellars is a boutique winery. We are proud of our output. We put the same degree of care into every bottle that passes from our winery to distribution points.

What Can I Expect From My Wine Tasting?

We do not require our guests to dress in shirts and ties or ball gowns. Instead, we keep it casual, enabling our guests to have fun in a low-stress environment. We will provide food that pairs together with the wines we will present to you. However, we highly recommend that you eat a proper meal before you come to the tasting to avoid the wine having a particularly noticeable impact on you. You can expect the wine tasting to last from 30 to 45 minutes.

What Questions Can I Ask During A Wine Tasting?

You can ask any question you want. For instance, if you are curious about where we produce our wines, you can ask us! Our employees understand every aspect of winemaking, and they are well-versed in the history of our facility. Some of the most common questions we hear are about the wines themselves, such as what foods pair well with a white or red wine or how we make or age the wines.

What Are The Five S’s Of Wine Tasting?

To fully enjoy the wine tasting experience, you’ll want to perform the five s’s – see, swirl, sniff, sip, and savor. These actions are how you will not only learn more about wines but how you will gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for them:

See: Pay close attention to the color of the wine. Is it clear and brilliant, or is it cloudy and dull? Pro tip: place your wine glass against a white background to properly judge the color. Why do we do this? To give ourselves clues about the grape variety and whether it was aged. Typically, oak-aged wines have a darker color.

Swirl: We do this to give the wine some air. By twirling it a few times, we open the wine up, so to speak, which makes the smelling process easier. Sweeter wines will leave thick streaks – called legs – down the inside of the glass when you swirl it – a telltale sign!

Sniff: Smell is the main sense used in wine tasting. Pay close attention to what you smell when you sniff the wine. Do you smell fruits or vegetables? What about spices? The quality of a wine is all in the senses, and we are confident that you will detect a delight or scent when you smell our wines.

Sip: Take a sip and hold the wine in your mouth for three to five seconds. This process allows you to really experience the complex nature of a finely made wine. Sometimes you’ll taste sweetness or fruitiness, and sometimes you will experience acidity, bitterness, and alcohol.

Savor: Does the taste linger? This is called the finish. Often, it presents a different taste profile than what you experienced during the sipping phase. Some wines can linger for as long as a minute!

What Are The Four Types Of Wine You Can Drink?

There are four types of wine. Within each category are nearly endless possibilities. Most people know about white and red wines. If you have had a white wine, you might have tasted a Riesling or chardonnay. Those who prefer red wines might enjoy a cabernet sauvignon or merlot. The two other types of wine are sparkling wines and rosés. We have all four on hand for you to taste!

How Will A Wine Tasting Affect Me?

Every person is different. If you do not want to become inebriated, we recommend eating beforehand and drinking plenty of water throughout the proceedings. Also, one member of your party should remain sober and act as the designated driver.

Contact Us Today With Any Further Questions

We hope you have gained a piece of good foundational knowledge about wines and wine tasting from this page. However, we pride ourselves on being accommodating and friendly. Feel free to contact us anytime with any further questions, and we will answer them.