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Wedding Weather Tips for Guests


Attending a wedding at Aurora Cellars soon?

We can’t wait to welcome you! In order to help you prepare for the unique weather on the Leelanau Peninsula, we’ve put together a helpful guide of what to expect for a wedding in every season:


  • Late Spring Weddings: May in northern Michigan is an exciting time – the weather feels markedly warmer and the first blooms start to appear! Though the daytime temperatures are quite comfortable (average high/low is 66°/45°) Evenings are usually cool. We recommend having an extra layer to stay warm and wearing footwear conducive to walking on grass.


  • Summer Weddings: June, July and August are the three warmest months in northern Michigan (expect daytime temperatures in the 70s and 80s), though temperatures can vary greatly from week-to-week and even day-to-day. Guests will want to wear clothing that will be comfortable in both hot and humid conditions most common during the months of July and August. Staying well hydrated is also helpful. Fortunately, our large willow tree provides a broad shaded area in the afternoon and evening hours, allowing guest to sit comfortably during the ceremony. Again, we recommend footwear is conducive to walking on grass and having an extra layer to stay warm in the event of cooler evening temperatures.


  • Early Fall Weddings: September often brings more mild temperatures (average high/low is 72° / 55°) that are less humid and quite comfortable. Guests will want to have an extra layer on hand for when things cool off in the evening. We recommend footwear is conducive to walking on grass.


  • Late Fall Weddings: October is usually when things markedly cool down. Expect temperatures in the 40s to high 50s, though we occasionally experience a few days of unusually warm weather. Layers are necessary, as the evenings can get quite cool, especially if there’s a bit of wind. We recommend warmer footwear that is conducive to walking on grass.